At the F&O Business School our senior level consultants and subject matter experts offer practical solutions that will allow you and your organization to thrive and have the competitive advantage.

We Practice our trade in the following areas:

  1. Needs Assessment
  2. Leadership development with F&O lead teams
  3. Work process and quality improvement
  4. Re- structuring and Re- engineering of facilities organizations
  5. Facilitation
  6. Business Continuity
  7. Collaborations
  8. Emergency preparedness and quick response
  9. OFF-SHORE Medical Schools creating world class facilities & operations organizations
  10. Strategic Positioning
  11. Small business Development

Personal Mastery

This program is design for facilities technical staff to identify a specialized trade area and seek mentoring from industry experts. This is an internship program.

F & O Skills Labs

Is a night school program is structured to meet the need of the employee? The program is design for staff in technical and management jobs to develop the skills that are just-in-time and can be put into immediate use in managing, supervising and leading departments and work units.

Please contact: Dr. L.H. Smith

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