Develop the global workforce with new skills for current and future changes in work requirements.
Training the workforce, the new way and the right way to do work in the changing work place and business needs for new products delivery
Re-train the skilled labor force with leadership and supervisory skills in managing technical environments  
Develop F&O Organizations to be world class institutions with superior work practices in managing operating and maintaining facilities assets.
Teach employees world class practices in achieving the organization’s mission and performance goals by improving employee and organizational performance at every level and in every unit in the organization
Facilities & Operations organization professionals to no longer be regarded only as a caretaker who only brings unwelcome news about deteriorating facilities and the need for investment.

Facilities Asset Management
Operations management in facilities and physical plants
Facilities Maintenance Management

This Certification program is design for facilities and operations leaders and service providers to review facilities management practices for process improvement, innovation and changes that will confidently deliver the necessary and total strategic readiness of facilities & operations departments and work units.

Our focus is for facilities organizations to have a systematic process for maintaining, upgrading and operating physical assets cost-effectively.

prevailing condition:

  • facilities continue to deteriorate, backlog of deferred maintenance continue to increase and excess, underutilized, and obsolete facilities continue to consume limited resources

Our aim Is to increase the content of value- added activities in each process that align market opportunity for optimal business performance. 

prevailing condition:

  • Operations continue to lose market share due to inefficient coordination and execution of its business processes.
  • Lack of measurable and predictable strategy for work and project completion
  • Lack of timely communication to frontline staff
  • Poor planning or the lack of planning and
  • inadequate workflow processes

Facilities maintenance management is the key challenge for maintening facilities assets in the 21st century.

our strategy is developing responsible stewardship in maintaining and managing facilities equipment, In-fracture and it assets.

The program focus is for maintenance  and continious improvement of  the life-cycle of building assets.

The prevailing condition:

  • On going equipment breakdowns and failures due to lack of a robust preventive maintenance strategy.


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