Facilities and Operations business school Provides actionable training, workforce education and learning experiences, design to meet the challenges of a continuously changing work environments.

We are a a global organization that collaborates with commercial, industrial and educational institutions in workforce education, organization development and the transformation and re-engineering of the new work place

The F & O b-school provides just in-time, targeted, flexible, ongoing skills development and performance consultation to meet individual learning needs and strategic objectives of the organization.



To be the primer facilities & operations corporate learning institution that ties education,training, leadership and skills development to the strategic goals and performance objective for world class organizations, its department, work units and the individual employee.


To develop the workforce with new skills for current and future changes in work and performance requirement.

To train the the work force the new way, the right way to do work in the changing workplace and business needs for new product delivery. 

To collaborate with higher education institutions, governments, NGOs, commercial and industrial enterprises in workforce education, organization development and the transformation and re-engineering of the new workplace.

Guiding principles

FOCUS                  INTEGRITY

HONESTY             TRUST





WE ARE AN EDUCATION, TRAINING, CONSULTING and ORGANIZATION development Institution with over 100 years of combined experience of its faculty and content experts in higher education leadership, facilities asset management, operations of facilities and facilities maintenance organizations in higher education, government off-shore medical schools. how faculty holds degrees/positions in engineering, leadership and academic administration, professorships and directing workforce training organizations

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